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Kids curtains to improve the nursery

vrijdag, 3-4-2015  

Curtains are an essential part of our rooms, but we often underestimate their presence. Because we are used to bland curtains, that are not very colourful or have jolly motifs on them, we often do not see the possibilities curtains offer. But the possibilities are endless with curtains and they can really lift a room, making it a lot happier and finish the room. Especially in children’s rooms, where you really want to make it a happy place. This can be easily accomplished with kids curtains, lifting the entire room to a whole new level. There are kids curtains with pirates on them, or princesses, or cars, or anything your kid wants. With our unique designs you can always find something that will fit right in with your kid’s room and that will make him have the sweetest dreams.

So many kids, so many kids curtains

We understand that every kid is different and that every kid wants something differently. Some kids might want pirates and some might want princesses. Or maybe your kid is growing up and thinks he is too old for animals or fairies. Then a beautiful subtle design might be something for him, so he can still have a beautiful happy room. Too many parents will often just resolve with buying kids curtains of the shelve, in a standard boring colour. But on kidsfabrics.net there are much more possibilities to choose from, for competitive prices. So instead of buying the simple fabrics, why not look for something more exciting? Your kid will love his new kids curtains and will enjoy them every day. Going to sleep will be a lot more fun, because then the curtains will be drawn and he can enjoy the beauty of his curtains. The most important choice to make when looking for kids curtains is what kind of fabric you want. We have over a thousand kinds of fabric at kidsfabrics.net, so you have a lot to choose from. Using our easy to use filters you can look for something that meets your requirements. You can filter on brand, category, type, colour, quality and of course price. This way you can easily find what you want. And if you have no idea yet, why not take a look at our sample rooms? These are rooms where we used our different fabric and photographed them. You can see what effect different fabrics have on a room and you might just see the fabric you want for your kids curtains. We offer different kinds of motifs on our fabrics, from Disney figures to stars. For example, why not have Donald Duck and Daisy Duck curtains? Or Mickey Mouse curtains? If your kid is really into these figures he will love curtains that are filled with them. But also franchises like Cars are represented, so there is something for every kid. Besides the Disney figures, we also have a lot of beautifully drawn images for on our curtains. For example, we have fabrics with flowers on them, or butterflies. Every single one of our fabrics gives a unique feeling to the room, which means you can always find the kids curtains that fit your kid’s room. And if you are looking for something more grown-up, we also have fabrics with small subtle designs, like stars. Using our filters you can select what you are looking for. This way it is easy to look for boys or girls curtains, without having to look through both categories. The same goes for the brands: if your kids really wants Asterix & Obelix kids curtains you can easily select that specific brand and you will be served with only fabrics that have Asterix & Obelix on them. You can also select what type of motif you want on your kid’s curtains, where you can choose from the following:

  • Car
  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • Elves
  • Hearts
  • Kitchen
  • Army
  • Girl
  • Bike
  • Horse
  • Pirates
  • Puppets
  • Princesses
  • Checks
  • Sport
  • Fairy-tale
  • Stars
  • Dots
  • Stripes
  • Train
  • Plain
  • Planes
  • Football

This way you can easily find your way through our collection of fabrics. Besides selecting on motif, you can also select on colour. So if you are looking for only pink kids curtains, then it is easy to select them. It is also possible to select the quality of the fabric, where you can choose from:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Linen
  • Blackout
  • In between

Made-to-measure or creating your own kids curtains

At Kidsfabrics.net you can buy the fabrics by the meter, so you can create your own kids curtains. We have a tool online to determine how much fabric you need to create the kids curtains you want. And if you are not such a good seamstress, you can also order made-to-measure kids curtains from Kidsfabrics.net. You simply give us the dimensions of the kids curtains you want and our team of experts will create the curtains exactly the way you want them. This way you will have the best kids curtains quickly and your kids will enjoy their new curtains. With our extensive range you will always find the curtains you need and with our excellent support team we are ready to answer the questions you still have. That way you can create a unique atmosphere in your kid’s room and have him enjoy his beautiful curtains.

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